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The Westchester Lung Nodule Center ® provides an optimal chance for curing Lung Cancer by early diagnosis and expeditious, state-of-the-art treatment.  

A lung or pulmonary nodule is a small (less than 3cm or 1.2”) round or oval opacity seen on a chest x-ray or a CT scan. A lung nodule can be benign or malignant. 


  • Primary - lung cancer 

  • Secondary - metastasis 


  • Benign tumor

  • Infection 

  • Scar 

  • Other 

The majority of lung nodules which are discovered by screening are benign.

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What is a Lung Nodule?
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Why depend on luck to discover an early lung cancer?  

Routine mammography and colonoscopy save many lives by discovering breast and colon cancer at an early, curable stage; why not screen for lung cancer too?     

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Early diagnosis, before symptoms occur, provides the best chance for curing lung cancer.  Learn more

The medical director of the Phelps Thoracic Center, Avraham D. Merav, MD, is a renowned expert in the fields of thoracic and cardiac surgery. Dr. Merav has performed thousands of thoracic operations.

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Dr. Avraham Merav featured in WAG (Westchester) magazine. The Thoracic Surgery department at Phelps Hospital is something no other hospital in Westchester has.  Read more